The goal of Monroe Lacrosse is to promote the game of lacrosse, encourage a broad base of participation with girls and boys teams, and develop a lifetime love for the game. Monroe boys and girls will learn skills and strategy to join local competitions an

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Lacrosse – The Fastest Growing Sport in the United States, The Fastest Growing Sport in NJ, the fastest growing sport in Monroe
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Frequently Asked Questions Boys Lacrosse

Why play lacrosse?
There is a reason Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US.  There is plenty of action, there is plenty of scoring, lots of different opportunities to do things you like to do.  It takes skill for the stick work, lots of running speed and stamina, you can play defense, you can hit people.  It is the combination of a lot of sports – the action moving up and down the field quickly remind people of basketball and hockey, the offense reminds people of hockey and basketball, the running reminds people of soccer and the contact reminds people of football.

When is the Lacrosse Season?
First practice is the first Saturday in March, the season runs through the first weekend in June with a season ending Laxfest, date TBA. Games begin on the last weekend in March.
Where and when are practices and games?
Home games are at either Veterans Pak (Avenue K) and the Turf Fields at Monroe High School. We also use the Wolverines Complex for some games. 
What if my child has a conflict?
We strongly encourage the kids to attend all practices. There will be conflicts.  We will have a Parents meeting in early February where attendance policies will be clearly outlined.

Is this a travel team?  How far are the games? 
There are no cuts in lacrosse. It is a travel team with half the games away, we try and stay under 45 minute travel time.
What are the ages of the teams?
We are open for kids in Grades 3-8.  There will be a 3-4 grade team, a 5-6 group, and a 7-8 grade group. Grade groups practice together but only play games against other teams of the same grade.
How do I register?  What is the fee?
Registration will be completely online at our website and usually opens in December.   In addition to the Registration fee, there is a $30 charge for yearly membership dues to US Lacrosse, the national governing body for all of lacrosse that all players must become members of.
Can my child play other sports?
Kids are playing sports all year round and there are bound to be conflicts.  We are encouraging the kids to play lacrosse and are trying to be accommodative as possible.
How much is equipment?  Where do I order?
We have a limited amount of loaner equipment.  If they like the sport and will continue to play, they can invest in the equipment. You need a stick which can be purchased for $30.   Universal Lacrosse has a store in Bridgewater and Lacrosse Unlimted ii Princeton.  Dick’s has some good prices.  Equipment needs are helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads and stick for boys and safety goggles, mouthpiece and sticks for girls. Players provide their own mouthpieces, cups and cleats (football or soccer.) Boys wear team helmets, Carolina Blue or White with team decals. (no other color helmets allowed).
You can purchase when you register online.
What happens if my child decides to try it and decides they don’t like it?
Monroe Lacrosse has a No Risk Policy.  We have a great sport kids really like to play- we just have to get them to try it. We will refund your registration fee if your child does not like it. We can not refund the US Lacrosse registration ($30)
Are there any Lacrosse activities throughout the year?  Yes, we offer clinics, winter skills clinics at Sportika (Manalapan), and a one game per week fall league.
Any further questions,   973-216-1216